Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Disability - In Developed and Developing countries

Of things I appreciate most in the Western world, support to disabled is one. They are treated with great respect and care. They are encouraged to be independent. Every building, bus, train, shops and parks are made easily accessible by people who are unable to walk.
Wherever you travel in Europe, you are bound to hit this sign,which is world Disability symbol.
  In Supermarkets there will be nearer parking slots reserved for them. Even the houses are modified to suit the need of disabled. Like widened doors, accessible switches, low mirrors etc. Detailed care is given to each things you do. It's not only for physically challenged, they also cater for blind, deaf, people with illness etc. Every public flyers are made available in Bigger fronts, braille or in CD forms if requested.
 Examples of equipment and adaptations include:
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1. stair lifts
2. powered or manual height-adjustable beds
3. powered leg-lifters for people who have difficulty lifting their legs into bed
4. Ceiling hoists -when lifting people becomes a problem.
Ceiling hoist
Battery powered vehicle

A wide range of gadgets and devices are available that make everyday tasks easier for people with specific disabilities. Some examples are:
> clamps and holders to keep jars stable so they can be opened with one hand
> talking kitchen scales for people who are blind or visually impaired
> alarm clocks that vibrate under the pillow for deaf and hearing impaired people
> kettle tippers for people who have limited arm strength or restricted movement
> devices that remind people with memory loss or learning disabilities to do a daily task, for example taking a pill.

Contrastingly, in India, people are made to accept disability as a curse and lead the life. They are restricted to stay at home most of the times. It is hardly possible for them to be on their own are not treated equally in society. I understand people cannot afford costly equipment, but the government can provide them with some and also the attitude of people towards them should change. Disabled people should be confident in achieving what it is possible to them.
I really wish India and other developing countries will have all these facilities soon.

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